Southern scenes, beach views

 with people and boats, Jungles

 with creatures, your choice,

 lakes with birds. Any design can

 be painted in any room in your  

 home.  Do you have some ideas,

 photos. We work together to give

 you the mural of your dreams.

 Removable hand painted mural

 panels are a great idea to have

 installed. They generally less

 expensive than a large wall mural

 and if you move you can take it.

 Pricing starts at $2.00- $6.00
   per square foot

   Free estimates
  Free color consulting

The background
you see here is a
hand painted
compass on a
floor, with three
coats of varnish.

Any rug design
can be painted
on a floor. It is a
nice accent for         
a porch, or any
room in the house.
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    of Images.

 Other murals that are painted are outside

 privacy walls, that are usually cement and

 add life to a plain back wall blocking the neighbors

 house. These are becoming more popular

 in areas where there are Villas and add life

 to an otherwise blank wall. These images are

 less detailed and far less expensive than an

 indoor mural. These murals are painted with

 a tough exterior paint or a high quality floor paint

 which holds up very well. Folks ask about fading

 colors and the truth is that is all colors fade with

 time when exposed to the sun. Touch ups can be

 done over time if needed. Most walls take about

 three to five days to paint and can cost from $500

 to  $800 depending on the size of the wall and

 amount of detail desired.